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>Previous Tips & Tricks Tuesday Videos (listed below) can be found inside the membership area:
“How to Create Brushes”
“Using Brushes to Create Papers”
“How to Use Digital Scrapbook Clusters”
“How to Use the Guided Mode Parts 1 and 2”
“How to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Brighten Eyes”
“How to Clip a Photo into Text”
“Photomerge and Panorama’s”
“How to Use Adjustment Layers”
“HDR Effect with Perfect Effect”
“How to Find and Install Fonts”
And Much More!

117 comments on “Tuesdays with Michelle
  1. IIt’s very helpful.

  2. Sandy J Mitchell says:

    Hi Michelle!
    Just watched your Tips for Tuesday and I love it! Seeing you teach & talk adds a personal touch to the review. I remembered you telling us HOW to download the brushes but actually SEEING how it’s done makes it easier to do. In class I know you cover a lot of techniques so watching a small snippet of a technique & zeroing in on that particular technique seems easier to grasp & understand. This is a great idea & hope you continue!! Thanks much for teaching us helpful, easy ways to learn PSE!

  3. Jeanie Rose says:

    Love the Q & A. There is so much to learn in Photoshop. I love the ‘quick and easy’ so I can learn as I go. Thank you so much for doing this.

  4. Jean Phillips says:

    I loved it!

  5. Rhonda Weddle says:

    I love your Tips for Tuesday. I had never thought about enhancing eyelashes. Great tips for the eyes too. Please continue these videos.

  6. Jo-Anne says:

    LOVED IT!!! It was quick and easy! I loved the eyelash brush – will definitely download them!!

  7. Peggy Santana says:

    Can’t wait to try it!

  8. michellestelling says:


  9. michellestelling says:

    Gotta love those eyelash brushes πŸ™‚

  10. michellestelling says:

    I actually have to brush my hair now, haha.

  11. michellestelling says:

    Glad you enjoy them, Jeanie!

  12. michellestelling says:

    glad you enjoyed it!

  13. michellestelling says:

    Since I don’t have long lashes, this is perfect for me!

  14. michellestelling says:


  15. Jennifer Guess says:

    Loved the info about eyelashes, learn something new everyday.

  16. Kelle R says:

    I am new to PS and this was great! Please keep doing these.

  17. Jeannine says:

    Michelle – what a great idea! Can you do a short Q&A on moving the panels around in PSE? I know you have showed us before, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I like when you move the layers panel to the left leaving the other open panels to see. Thanks again!

  18. Carlos says:

    Thank you very much for this quick tutorial, the information you gave us is very helpful and useful. I appreciate it very much. I’ll be waiting for next Tuesday info.

  19. Lois says:


  20. Polly says:

    I am so glad I caught one of your free webinars a few weeks ago. I love your teaching style so much. I rarely used my PS software because I could not figure it out, too labor intensive, so I bought other software hoping it was better. Now I have Upgraded my PS7 to PS11. By watching your videos in members only I have a better understanding of photoshop11 and have used those basics and learned how to use my other scrapbook software better. I now have more options and I am not so frustrated. Even though I did not get to watch on Tuesday. I loved the refresher. Please keep this up. Short and informative. You are a very good teacher. Thank you.

  21. lyndarutherford says:

    You present as fast as
    I think and talk! I won’t miss a Tuesday session.
    Thank you

  22. lyndarutherford says:

    I would appreciate an actual beginning, step one, how to do,and then on to a step 2 and so on. Perfect for those of us who have everything but DON’T know where/how to start. Don’t leave off easy steps…thats what some of us need!

  23. Pat says:

    yes this has helped. maybe quicker than signing in and all the extra steps. will we be able to save these Q&A’s? THANKS.

  24. Jo says:

    This is a lovely way to learn bite size bits. It’s also great to see you while you are recording this. I really like the personal touch you put into your webinars. Thanks heaps.

  25. Eileen says:

    Good refresher! Keep them coming. Thanks

  26. michellestelling says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback, Polly!

  27. michellestelling says:

    So glad you investigated this one : )

  28. michellestelling says:

    You can’t save them, but they will be found inside the membership area so if you are a current member you can watch them over and over again as long as you are a member.

  29. Brenda says:

    What a great idea for the Tips for Tuesday. Loved it. Your lessons are always filled with easy to follow instructions.
    Thanks Michelle for sharing.

  30. Jean says:

    great yes please do more

  31. Kim says:

    I love your tutorials. I am not a member but am considering as I continue with photography as your demos are extremely helpful. My husband upgraded me to PS10 last Christmas. I hadn’t used the software at all until I started watching your tutorials. Thanks so much. I will also find you on YouTube. Thanks for helping us use our products instead of wasting them.

  32. michellestelling says:

    Great to hear this Kim!!

  33. Carol says:

    Thank you ever so much for this. I would absolutely love it if you continued this on Tuesdays. I missed the webinar because my grandson’s baseball game went overtime and couldn’t get back home in time to watch it. I did post info about NAODS on my FB timeline. Wish I didn’t have such limited income. I’m a senior and budget is so tight. Would love to subscribe to NAODS.

  34. Dee Lane Mock says:

    Loved this! Thanks sooooo much.

  35. Janet says:

    Love these short refresher tips! Also, I’m really glad to see you are on YouTube.. that means I can watch you on my tablet while using PSE on my laptop. Can’t watch the webinars on my tablet, but, I can watch YouTube videos on it. Thanks again!!

  36. Andy says:

    Love theses videos. The latest video “How to clip a photo into text” is set as a private video and I am unable to view it. Will come back later to check it out.


  37. michellestelling says:

    Argh, sorry about that. I just set it to public. It should be good to view now : ) let me know if you still have problems.

  38. michellestelling says:

    Yeah for YouTube conversion!

  39. MM says:

    AWESOME tutorials! Thank you soooo much!

  40. MM says:

    Had no idea that eyelashes could be fixed so easily! How about a brush to make me lose 30 pounds in a flash πŸ˜‰

  41. michellestelling says:

    Haha, we do have a tutorial called “how to lose 10 pds in 10 seconds” it is inside the membership area. If anyone in this forum wants to get a special deal on memberships, be sure to go to http://www.naods.com/secret

  42. elaine says:

    Thanks for the great demo of the photo clipping technique.

  43. Eileen says:

    This was perfect – I am working on a title and this is what I wanted to do!

  44. Sharon says:

    Thanks for Tuesdays. It’s great to learn one lesson at a time. Easier to grasp and remember!

  45. Susan Sullivan says:

    Really find these brief tutorials work better for me ( likely due to my limited attention span???!) This is a great idea… thanks for offering this… Tuesdays will be a “learnin’ day” for sure… SS

  46. Stephanie Ostrowski says:

    I love Q&A Tuesday – – A lot of information in a few minutes!

  47. Sharon DiPrima says:

    I just went to an hour class tonight on Adobe and learned more from your 5 minute video than I learned in class tonight. Thank you so much!

  48. Sharon DiPrima says:

    Adobe Photoshop 8 Class was what I attended.

  49. Carlos says:

    Thank you very much for sharing with us your knowledge, i appreciate it very much, Best Regards from Mexico.

  50. Rhonda Blaney says:

    I found it very helpful. I use photoshop CS5, but do have elements 4.0

  51. Kelli says:

    Yes, please! Very helpful. Thanks.

  52. michellestelling says:

    I love hearing things like this Sharon! Thanks for commenting and I hope to have you as a member in the future : )

  53. Rhonda Perfetti says:

    I think these are great…keep up the good work. Very helpful to be able to watch these again and again.

  54. Carol says:

    Thanks I’ve just watched a couple of your vidios and really enjoyed them.

  55. Eileen says:

    Look forward to Tuesday’s Q&A. Thanks –

  56. I love your videos. Been using Elements for several years. I’ve learned so much in the last week watching your videos. Thank you so much.
    Have you ever covered image distortion? I would like to make bookmarks of my mermaid paintings but when I reduce my images my mermaids look like twigs.
    I wonder if anyone else has this problem.


  57. Trish says:

    Thank you so much for the great info on where to find eyelash brushes! Great video!

  58. Sue Alg says:

    Thanks Michelle, Your videos are great. You get right to the point and provide wonderful tip. Keep ’em coming.

  59. Carlos says:

    Thank you Michelle, as always your tips are great help.
    Best regads fro Mexico!

  60. Susan says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I love the Q & A Tuesday! Quickie tips, refresher, and just plain fun!

    Susan.. πŸ™‚

  61. jannie says:

    love it helps me learn stuff about digital scrapbooking and pse I didn’t know. Keep it up

  62. Teresa says:

    love the Tuesday videos—just enough info in small segments

  63. Carol says:

    Thanks’ Keep them comming!!

  64. Jill says:

    Yes, love the 5 minute tips!

  65. Jamie says:

    LOVE Q&A Tuesday! Please keep going w/ it!! Than !

  66. Christine says:

    Love these videos, Michelle! Thanks so much. You are a terrific teacher!!

  67. Betsy says:

    I have be receiving your Emails but never saw the Tuesday tips before. Oh what I have missed. Glad a discovered these 5 minute tips. Please keep them coming. Love them all!!!

  68. Edwina says:

    Loved watching what was for me my first ever real delve into Digital Scrapbooking, is there any way you can save these tutorials or buy something of this nature for first timers. It took some keeping up with you, but after rewind after rewind, finally managed to find my way around some of the stuff. I really am into this Digital Scrapbooking, but it is so complicated at the minute and I need to watch several times, before I get the hang of things, hence the reason I ask if you can get lessons in digital download or something. Loved my first five minutes and look forward to more.

  69. michellestelling says:

    Hi Edwina,
    Thanks for your comments! The answer to your question is YES. There are several ways you can keep learning. We have DVD’s, Memberships and Online Classes. The best “bang for your buck” is our memberships. Memberships allow you to watch these videos over and over inside the membership area (And you can come to all the members only classes for FREE) We have great specials going on right now at http://www.naods.com/secret If you want to find out more about the membership area, go to http://www.naods.com/memberships/ We also have a 3 pack bundle special going on right now for the next 2-3 days. Use the coupon code “school” to get 1/2 off. Here is the link to check out the 3 pack bundle http://www.naods.com/training-dvds/
    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  70. Florence says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  71. Angie says:

    Love these short videos. Everything I know about Pse 8, I have learned from your videos and the DVDs I have purchased!

  72. Teresa B utler says:

    love the Q&A Tuesdays

  73. Tracy Brewer says:

    HI ya, I are sitting here over in Aussie and watching your tutorials. So just wanted to say Thanks for al these lessons I seem to learn from your great work. Keep up the great site Thanks again

  74. Jannie says:

    Love the Q&A Tuesdays

  75. michellestelling says:

    Thanks Jannie!

  76. michellestelling says:

    So great to hear that Tracy. Hey, if you have a few seconds and haven’t yet already, I would love your vote as an instructor at CreativeLIVE, just go to http://www.creativelive/suggest

  77. michellestelling says:

    oops, this is the correct link http://www.creativelive.com/suggest

  78. Jo-Anne says:

    LOVED this Q&A Tuesday as always!! Next, I am going to go into the Membership Area and catch up on last Monday’s webinar that I missed as I had company (from France) all week and was unable to watch! Looking forward to it! Michelle, please keep up the good work on the webinars and Q&As! They are great and so are you! Hope you’re having a great summer and loved your necklace today!

  79. Linda Nelson says:

    In Photoshop when making brushes all I do is draw a selection around the area that the brush is in and then create the brush from there.

  80. michellestelling says:

    Thanks so much for your comments, Jo-Anne. I hope you had a good time with your visitors from France. As always, I appreciate your feedback. See Ya in Class Soon…

  81. michellestelling says:

    Thanks for your instructions, Linda. Photoshop is an awesome program as well.

  82. Cheryl says:

    Love Tuesdays quickie!

  83. Lilola says:

    Great -yes please do more!

  84. Eileen says:

    Another great Tuesday!

  85. Vicky says:

    I am a brush-a-holic ….. So I enjoyed seeing this video πŸ™‚ Do you have a good way of organizing your brushes? I feel like I waste soooooo much time looking for a certain brush when I know I have it but not sure which group it’s in of the brushes I download. Also I notice you don’t use your “history” panel for backing up a few steps when you don’t like something you just did on a layer … Is there a reason? Like on the snowflake page you made …. It seems quicker to just back up a few steps in the history panel than to be doing all that layer deleting and then making new layers to replace the ones you deleted. The history panel is my time saver …. And I couldn’t design without it! I’m probably out of line here ….. lol …. Sorry, got sidetracked! … I have to remember you teach scrapbooking and not how to use Elements! πŸ™‚

  86. michellestelling says:

    I just checked and you are on our email list, so you should be getting an email every Tuesday morning. Maybe it’s been going into your junkmail?

  87. Pam says:

    I just discovered Naods and am loving my free peek at it. I’ll probably become a member soon. I’m so impressed with your teaching style that I voted for you at CreativeLIVE. Keep up the good work.

  88. michellestelling says:

    Thanks so much Pam for voting for me! I appreciate your comments and hope to see you as a member in the future!

  89. Hello Michelle,

    Thanks for the Q&A Tuesdays as I am new to digital scrapbooking and to photoshop ellements 11 I look forward to these videos to help me learn more.


  90. jayleigh says:

    i don’t know what graphics program you used for the demo. i use PS-CS3. i’ve used PS for about 15 years, but i’ve never seen any of the “things” you describe in the out of bounds photo demo. i have done out of bounds photos before, but my technique is different, although i do put a frame around the portion of the photo i want in-boundary, and add a layer below the photo, then use the eraser tool to bring the out of bounds part above the frame. But, it would be helpful to state which graphics program you are using when you do the demos. Some people use PSP, and they forget to save work in either jpeg or png format which will make them usable in any graphics design program. Thank you – overall, it was an excellent demo.

  91. michellestelling says:

    Hi Jay Leigh,
    I used Photoshop Elements version 11. Thanks for pointing that out, as sometimes I guess I assume people know and I forget to say which program : ) hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

  92. Kim says:

    These sessions are so helpful. Thank you Michelle for continuing to educate and help us improve our photos.

  93. bonnie says:

    YES, Please keep Q&A Tuesday I’m new at this and this has really helped me. Thank you !!

  94. Sheryl Whisenhunt says:

    Thank you for these short Q&A’s. I have come back to them several times for pointers and techniques. I am a “newbie” to the Photoshop Elements, so there are many, many things you go through to fast for me. Being able to go back and look at them over and over again, helps me to retain a technique. Of course, when I go on my own, I absolutely mess up and my brain freezes up. So, here I come back to the Q&A’s and the other videos in the NAODS website.

  95. michellestelling says:

    I am so glad you find them useful. I will be storing them inside the membership area, so just in case you don’t see them at our site, you can always log into the membership area and watch them there.

  96. V says:

    I look forward to your Tuesday sessions. I thoroughly enjoy your Q&As and thank you big time for the “How to create your own brushes” from a few weeks ago. It was so easy to follow along. I’m going to the Perfect Effects site in the next few minutes. That HDR effect is too awesome to pass up…those folks should give you a commission.

  97. Kandi says:

    Love your videos and so glad I became a member. I can’t always watch your live webinars since they usually conflict with my online classes. So I love that you record those and the Q&A Tuesdays also help. Your videos helped me learn PSE 11 quickly and made it seem so easy. I’m hooked! Keep up the great videos!

  98. michellestelling says:

    It’s addicting isn’t it! Thanks so much for your feedback.

  99. Dawn says:

    Love Q&A Tuesdays thanks so much for doing them

  100. Marna McLendon says:

    Michelle – would love to see how to create the LEO effect in Perfect Effects – but can’t seem to locate on the membership videos – help please! THANKS!

  101. Teri says:

    Just getting into digital scrapbooking and I have 2 questions, is it cheaper to get my pages printed from a store or print at home, and how long will the ink last one the pages vs. regular paper scrapbooking?

    I enjoy your webinars and videos, you do a great job at explaining.
    Look forward to more.

    Thank you

  102. michellestelling says:

    I actually get mine printed at a store (Costco, shutterfly, walgreens, etc) I personally think it is better quality and cheaper. I am not sure how long the ink lasts since I don’t print from home : )

  103. Jo Morgan says:

    Please continue the Tuesday sessions. They are quick tutorials to listen/look at and then have some practice time.

  104. Luria says:

    Michelle I really enjoyed the video on custom pillows I have photo shop 11 and still trying to learn. So these tutorials are great.

    Thanks again


  105. Linda Landess says:

    Love Tuesdays with Michelle! The pillow idea is great! I know what I’m doing for Christmas presents this year! Thanks!

  106. Trisha says:

    I love “Tuesdays with Michelle” tutorials, short & sweet, so educational πŸ™‚

  107. Roxanne says:


    Excellent. Easy and not complicated. Please continue with this.

    Thank you

  108. Teri says:

    Really appreciate the tips, brings to life all the questionable moves in PSE. There is so much to learn and you describe steps so that it is easy to understand. Please continue with your fabulous videos.
    Thank you

  109. Judi says:

    Am a new member and am really enjoying them. The instructions are clear and quick and I can always go back if I misunderstood something. Thank you for all your time and effort.

  110. JUDYANN WALKER says:


  111. michellestelling says:

    PSE stands for Photoshop Elements. The latest version 13 just came out last week. You can buy it in stores in a few weeks. You can also buy it via Adobe.com now if you want, however, it will only be a downloadable version. I suggest you go to one of the free webinars. Check out http://www.naods.com and hit the REGISTER NOW button. Or you can go to http://www.naods.com/free-webinars/ for additional webinars. WE have great bonuses with all our memberships, just go to http://www.naods.com/secret and as always, you can email me at info@naods.com if you have additional questions.

  112. Cancel says:

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  113. Varghese says:

    Thanks for stopping by my link to see the baby book I made. I just loved your cmmneot. That rabbit is sooo cute. Also thanks for putting my giveaway on your sidebar. Looking forward to linking up next week. blessings…Sherry

  114. Gnc says:

    Last month when I was in Texas, I met up with some friends to chat, have baerkfast and have a great time. a0Over huge, Texas-sized lattes (mine was a yummy snickers latte that I still dream about) at a little cafe in Dallas, four women laughed, talked and brainstormed. a0One of those women I had the pleasure of hanging out with was Katie Norris of Fotolanthropy. a0I introduced y’all to Katie this week during Topic Tuesday. a0If you missed it, check out the video here.

  115. michellestelling says:

    Let me know what you all think about Q & A Tuesday. Do you want me to continue? Do you have any burning Questions? Post them here and we might just use yours for an upcoming Q&A Tuesday! Make sure you tell me your first name and where you are from. If you see these in Facebook, be sure to share and like so that I am motivated to do more!

  116. Lee says:

    Any chance you can send out an alert text on Mondays or early Tuesdays to remind forgetful me to sign into a Tuesday Q&A? Lee

  117. Teresa says:

    Love the Q & A Tuesdays—please keep offering them

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