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Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Training…


“I have learned soooo much watching your videos. You are gifted because you explain so wonderfully. I am 74 so I don’t learn as fast as use to, Lol. Thanks again!

~ Alice Ticer

“You give the information in such a way that it felt like a friend was showing me how to do something. Thanks for all your efforts to reach all of us new digital scrap bookers. I have paper scrapped for years.  Then I moved on to photo books, but always felt like the pages could look better.  Space, time, a new computer that came with Photoshop Elements and a need to learn new things is driving my change to digital.

~ Kathy from Florida


“Thank you!!  Your videos/explanations are great!  I don’t do scrap booking but am using them to learn to design my business cards, jewelry hang tags and business graphics and they’re the best explanations I’ve found! ( Most are just photo editing).- you have inspired me!

~ Teresa Fields

“You are wonderful and so talented and I am so happy I joined NAODS. You are a wonderful teacher. I am learning so much.

~ Pat Tankersley
Sebring, Fl


“I just renewed my 6 month membership. I love being able to sit at my computer in my own home and learn digiscrapbooking and making my pictures look better. Michelle is a very good teacher. I am amazed at what she can do with PSE12. Love it, love it, love it!

~ Cherry Burdett
Loganville, GA

peggy-bowman“First of all, I LOVE your training classes!  You do an excellent job and I am learning so much! I have been doing the PSE Beginning course and it is outstanding!  Very clear to understand!  Thanks so much for your hard work and knowledge! I am so glad that I found out about you and joined! Absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made!” I don’t feel like I can miss a class…I am learning so much!  I have been telling my daughters and daughter-in-laws about your amazing classes.  We all do digital photography and have been traditional scrapbookers for years and are very excited about changing over to digital scrapbooking…SO MUCH BETTER! ~ Peggy Bowman, Clinton, UT


“I am really excited about the classes you offer.  Your videos are quite professional and easy to follow.  I lost both of my parents very recently and am trying to make digital books about each of them.  This is really a lot of fun and I am progressing much better with your tutorial videos than I was with the book I purchased.  Thank you.

~ Jackie Vizcarra
Armed Forces of Americas

dee-harris“Thanks for your help….LOVE your site, tutorials and all the great training I’m getting!!!!!”

~ Dee Harris
Virginia Beach, VA


“I have to tell you how much I LOVE your lessons. I’ve had Photoshop Elements for 2 years and have struggled through countless written instructions and even took an expensive course. I have learned more from your introduction DVD in the last week than I was able to figure out with anything in the last 2 years! It’s CRAZY how easy your videos are to follow!

~ Brenda Schori
Granger, IN

tracy-jackson“I’m so glad to have found out about your webinars. You are a great teacher and the information that you teach is exactly what I’m looking for. I used to use PSE and then moved up to Photoshop and got frustrated because I don’t have the time to be a Photoshop user.  So my digital images were languishing!  Until you reignited the spark by inviting me to a free webinar.  I had to purchase PSE 12 immediately, was able to accomplish everything in your webinar on my own — except layer masking, that’ll take a bit more study!  And, now I’m hooked and signed up for a membership!”

~ Tracy Jackson
Austin, TX

susan-hope“You have really got me fired up about learning Elements now.. which is great considering I have been scared to death of it! Opening the program and feeling so over-whelmed and thinking, “Can I really learn this?” You have eliminated some of the fear and replaced it with excitement. That alone was worth the membership! I have been looking for a place to learn and expand my scrapping techniques and I feel your site is certainly the place for me.”

~ Susan Hope
Oklahoma City, OK

mary-rellinger“I love, love, LOVE your teachings and have gotten so much out of them. My small way of thanking you is by sharing your website with everyone I know and telling them how I was so easily hooked into the ‘digital world’. I always was interested, but intimidated. YOU have helped me make the transition… digital is just all right here at my fingertips! Thank you Michelle for getting me past that fear and helping me make some awesome pages!.”

~ Mary Rellinger
Livonia, MI


“I just wanted to let you know that your DVD’s are terrific. I had signed up for a college class earlier on line for digital scrapbooking. It wasn’t very good, not clear, and more reading than listening. I feel it was a terrible waste of money. However, your DVDs were so much more clear and understandable and easy to follow. Your illustrations were very informing. I liked the layout and the progression, and the idea that I could replay a segment if I needed to. Anyway – I just wanted to say thank you.”

~ Pam Mrenak
Las Vegas, NV

nikki-angle“I was soooooo lucky to get an email for that first free webinar. I learned a lot in just an hour, and got an annual membership. My brother had to go in to the hospital for cancer surgery the Monday before Thanksgiving. The family wanted to do some photos in a book for him so he had it before he went in for the surgery, and have in the hospital for recovery. Because of the class, and the AMAZING videos in the membership area, I was able to digi-scrap 12 12×12 pages and they were so appreciated by not only him…but the entire family. Thank you!!”

~ Nikki Angle
Sacramento, CA


jo-anne-brintrup“I just want to say that I am half way through the Intermediate and I have learned SO much!  You are an excellent teacher!”

~ Jo-Anne Brintrup
Long Island, NY

cheryl-mcCaffrey“It’s fabulous to go into the members only area and refresh your memory on things you don’t use that often.  It always inspires me to want to try things and gives me wonderful ideas.  Love it ~ It’s great to take time for myself and enjoy a class or two every month”

~ Cheryl McCaffery
Wichita, KS

diane-eppestine“We’ve had Photoshop Elements for many years, but I always ended up more frustrated than productive when trying to make a scrapbook page. I learn better by watching and somehow ran across NAODS (I probably googled something like free digital scrapbooking classes) and signed up for my first Frebinar in April, 2010. I knew enough about PSE to follow what you were doing and was AMAZED how simple (and fast) you made it. In every class, I picked up more slick tricks. When my birthday rolled around in January, I gave myself the gift of membership. I’m still learning new tips each month and find it very helpful being able to review the videos in the membership area. You are an excellent presenter, carefully explaining all of the steps involved. I’m happy to report I’m now able to create a digital scrapbook page!”

~ Diane Eppestine
St. Louis, MO



After taking the Intro to PSE Virtual Training Class, here is what Pam had to say “Thank You, Michelle! You are a great teacher! I am 54 yrs old, who would have thought? I am picking it up more and more everyday. I am lovin’ it!”

~ Pam Lincoln
Vernia, Texas


therese “I joined after my first frebinar.  This is such an exciting way to learn.  As a retired teacher, I can tell you that you are an excellent teacher!”

~ Therese Marx
Ruther Glen,  VA




“I have really enjoyed the tutorials provided in the NAODS membership site. I was a total novice to Photoshop Elements. After engaging in just ONE frebinar with Michelle, my skills improved remarkably… I am so excited to learn more!”

~ Rosanne Santos-Elliott
Brooklyn, NY


ruth-junkin“Boy was I stuck until I found you! Thanks for the easy-to-understand push in the right direction.  I am now unstuck and making pages.”

~ Ruth Junkin
Asburn, VA


barb-davis“I’m so excited to FINALLY have someone show me how to use Photoshop Elements. I even attended a community education class last year on Elements and came away feeling like I had thrown my money away. THANKS so much for the very detailed instructions. You make learning fun, while others make it frustrating”

~ Barb Davis
Markham, TX

laverne-greenhill“I love your webinars and with your membership videos, I think I’m actually becoming a Digital Scrapper! Without NAODS, I never would have come this far, thanks so much!”

~ LaVerne Greenhill
Richmond, VA


judi-guttormsen“I live in Indonesia and your frebinars are so helpful as I try to learn digiscrapping. I’ve taken 5 of your frebinars now and I purchased your 3 pack video tutorials as well as How’d Ya Do That,  I love them all!”

~ Judi Guttormsen


marie-davis“Digital scrapbooking has opened a whole new world for me. I feel a renewed enthusiasm for the entire design process, one I have not felt since I first started by career back in the early 90’s. I am so grateful to have found and Michelle!”

~ Marie Davis
Hawthorne, NY


ami-pilon“The webinar tonight was great and the sound makes it so much easier to follow along. This was so easy to follow and such a huge amount of information in a short time. You make it appear to be fun and easy. Thanks!”

~ Amy Pilon

jennifer-adams“I have dipped my feet, ever so slowly, into the waters of digiscrapping, and your lessons have been so helpful! Don’t know what I would do without NAODS”

~ Jennifer Adams


gill-wray-hong-kong“Watching your webinars are a very good way to learn and the time is great as it is 8.30am for me (Hong Kong time) and the kids have just gone off to school!”

~ Gill Wray
Hong Kong


carol-vincent“Thanks so much for offering the class. This is my first attempt at digital scrapbooking and it was very informative. I’ll be signed up for more. You do a great job of teaching!”

~ Carol Vincent
West Jordan, Utah


maryjo-place“I love the fact that I can go back into the membership area and review a topic if I forgot something. What a great convenient resource! Thank you, Thank you!”

~ Mary Jo Place
Montgomery, Illinois

nancy-brennan“Thanks, Michelle, for the information class you presented last evening! I found it to be very helpful. I am one of those who has been intimidated by the Photoshop Elements program. With your showing us how to do the project last night, I think it might give me a better handle on how to do things in that program. I am anxious to try it out on my own. Thanks again.”

~ Nancy Brennan
Arvada, Colorado


dusty-weber“Thanks SO much!!  Keep up the great work…..I have already recommended you to lots of others!”

~ Dusty Weber
Cambridge Canada

gail-sherry“These are awesome.  As a beginner, they are invaluable in learning the tricks of the trade!”

~ Gail Sherry



mar-sue-ratzke“Since I travel a lot, being a NAODS member allows me to login anywhere and go through the lessons whenever I want. It makes it so convenient”

~ Mar Sue Ratzke
Bellingham, WA


stacey-milanI am so excited about getting started! I have just ordered Elements 12 and I will be a pro before long, with you as my teacher! Your webinars are fantastic. I have been so hesitant to try digi scraping since I have done traditional for years. I have a small business where I make cards, invitations, etc. and don’t get a lot of time to actually work on my own pages. Digi scraping would help me get a lot more pages done.

~ Stacey Milam Lincoln, Al



“Thank you for the informative tutorial today (Moab, Utah).  I see that I am way behind in Photoshop Elements because I have version 3.0!!    I can see where digital scrapbooking could work well for me though.  The tutorial was very informative and the sound and screen quality were great for me! I had no problems hearing or viewing your presentation. Keep up the good work!”

.~ Kathy Trahan



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